The Enemy


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New Year's Day, 1990. The Berlin Wall is coming down. Soon America won't have any enemies left to fight. The army is under pressure to downsize. Jack Reacher is the duty Military Police officer on a base in North Carolina when he takes a call reporting a dead soldier. The body was found in a sleazy motel used by local hookers. Reacher tells the local cop to handle it - it sounds like the guy just had a heart attack. But the dead man turns out to have been a two-star general on a secret mission. And then, many miles away, ...

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Apr 7, 2011

Not his best effort

Every once in while you get a Reacher that starts OK but unravels at the end. In "Enemy", you get Reacher's brother, the death of his mother, a romance that goes nowhere, and and a totally anticlimactic ending.

Read "Killing Floor". That's more like it.


Jul 21, 2010

Reacher in his Army days

Reacher, (and 19 other hotshot MP investigators), find themselves transferred suddenly from fun trouble zones, to boring ones stateside. Why? Who knows, it's the Army, after all. But when his CO and mentor, Leon Garber, is also found to have been transferred, from the States to a higher level station in Korea, Jack really starts to wonder. It's the new millennium, the Army is set to start downsizing after the fall of Communism, strange things are happening. A General is found dead near Reacher's new posting, in very questionable circumstances; the General's wife is murdered in her home, near Washington; a Delta force sargent is brutally murdered and mutilated on the base. What's going on? You know Reacher will find out, even if he has to track the villains from Frankfurt to Paris to California, and points in between, along with his really cute lieutenant. Hot times in the seizieme arrondissement. And sad times, too, for Jack, when his mother is found to be sick and dying, while he needs to be elsewhere taking care of the Army's business. Maybe this is when Reacher starts to lose his taste for Army regimentation, and starts to long for freedom.Excellent, as always.

1 Silent Rating

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