The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


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Tom Wolfe's genre-defining magical mystery tour through the 1960s published in Vintage Classics for the first time to mark its fiftieth anniversary. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JARVIS COCKER In the summer of 1964, author Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters set out on an awesome social experiment like no other. Blazing across America in their day-glo schoolbus, doped up and deep 'in the pudding', the Pranksters' arrival on the scene - anarchic, exuberant and LSD-infused - would turn on an entire counter-culture, and ...

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Bret B

Feb 22, 2018

"The" Book About This Subject

If you remember "back in the day", the late '60s, early '70s and had a good time, you probably already read this book.

I liked acid back in the day, although I preferred mescaline as a mellower high. I don't do them now. I don't have connections or willingness today. But I do remember Jeff and his shipments of synthetic Israeli strawberry mescaline and black Pakistani hash. Damn that was fun. Cap 10 mescaline and pocket 1 throughout the kilos (with permission).

Anyway, that's my creds. If you know, you'll like this book. If you don't know but want to this book is for you, too.


Aug 21, 2014

Great Reread

Certainly it seems a bit dated with the levels of media stimuli we are now confronted but taken into account of the time, Wolf nails the trend setters.


Jan 14, 2010

Must Read

This book captures the spirit of those on an adventure in time and space. I highly recommend it. How do you know where you are going without knowing where you've been? It is amazing how history is truly on a loop - sometimes almost an identical loop.


Oct 14, 2007


This is the quintessential account of how it all began - the "drugs, sex, rock" scene that plagues us still.

I purchassed this particular volume for another, but I have a copy and have given away several more - and I never fail to recommend it at the least opportunity.

Wolf's style will take some readers a while to get used to, but the effort is worth it.

Wolf makes no judgments, he merely accurately describes; that's plenty enough.

This is a very serious funny book by one of the best writers of our times. For any reader of taste or sense, not being familiar with the works of Tom Wolf is an egregious act of self-denial.

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