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Billionaire Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) accompanies his much-younger wife Mickey (Elle Macpherson) and a fashion photography team headed by Bob Green (Alec Baldwin) to a remote lodge in Alaska. Charles is a quiet, introspective man, fond of accumulating trivia and other facts in his encyclopedic mind; he is also troubled with the idea that Bob and Mickey may be lovers. Even though he suspects the younger man plans to kill him, Charles goes with Bob and his assistant Stephen (Harold Perrineau) on an airplane trip to find ...

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Oct 4, 2010

be ready to be enthralled

With Anthony Hopkins pitted against Alec Baldwin in the lonely, desolate, freezing elements & trying to survive while not trusting each other. wow. the psychological tension & suspense builds until you are ready to snap! Has Baldwin been having an affair w/Hopkins georgous wife? will Baldwin try to kill Hopkins to keep her for himself, it's a perfect opportunity out there nobody around, plenty of danger...

you might just want to do your self a favor if you are into this type of all too real psychological mysteries, that build their characters with cunning & subtle surety. enjoy, it makes me want to watch it again!!!! (where's my cocktail & the popcorn?)

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