The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives


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In 1905 Albert Einstein published a shocking explanation of Brownian Motion, the random movement of particles, likening it to the kind you would observe watching a drunkard stumbling down the road. The Drunkard's Walk became a powerful tool in understanding the purely random - that, which by definition, has no specific pattern. In his new book, Leonard Mlodinow examines the law of the Drunkard's Walk in relation to everyday human life, the way in which we are all continually pushed this way and that by a variety of random ...

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Barrin B

Oct 3, 2014


interesting read goes along with Malcolm Gladwell's books

Adelowo A

Aug 23, 2012

I will recommend the seller to other buyers. The book is good for the purpose it is required.


Jul 15, 2009

Doctors and lawyers must read

Excellent book that might change your view of the world forever. Especially recommended for anyone who skipped stats in college but is curious about the measured world.

Largely told through storytelling about developments first in probabilty and then statistics. Understanding comes from how insight after insight layered up to become usable methods.

If nothing else, clearest explanation of why you change doors in Price is Right or switch briefcases in Deal or No Deal.

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