The Devil in Connecticut


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It is a case that stunned the world. In 1981 a legion of devils, 43 in all, invaded the home of an unsuspecting Connecticut family and possessed their youngest son. Then it got worse. The spirits had come to take a soul. And take it they did-in a bizarre, out-of-control murder that violated the very rules of God. Here Amityville demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren reveal the facts the courts refused to hear. Judge for yourself why "The Devil in Connecticut" is considered to be one of the worst cases of possession in the ...

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Aug 7, 2008

Waste of time

Biggest bunch of Bull I've read in not waste your time.


Sep 20, 2007

Hits Hard. Hits Deep.

This book , depending on your beliefs I suppose, hits so hard that you actually get a change of perception.
I couldn't get all the way through the book before I put it down and never opened it again. It went out of the house the same night and it has never been back.
Admittedly, there are some things that seem to mimic "The Exorcist" in the story but what makes it so extremely unnerving is that when you look at the outer spine it clearly states "Non-Fiction". Combine that with what you are actually reading and it serves to scare the pure living hell out of you!
The book describes the possession of a young man and goes into such graphic detail that you are truly left with a sense of horror that doesn't immediately go away.
As you read the story you might ask yourself what took so long for any type of significant action to be taken or is this some sort of extremely dramatic hoax involving the Warrens who also were part of the Amityville case which most people feel was a hoax. There are other questions that come to mind as well.
Questions that can cast doubt on the validity of the story and questions that could support validity of the story.
One very interesting aspect of the story is, other than this book, you simply cannot find much more information than a paragraph or so on the internet about the event.
Bottom line is though...Real or hoax - this particular story, the way it was written and the language it was written in will scare you enough to disturb your sleeping patterns for a month.
I would recommend it to the type of person who is not easily disturbed and laughed all the way through "The Exorcist". I would not recommend it to any individual who is easily unnerved or scared.
You may find yourself asking some tough questions after reading, even half of it, about religion and life.

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