The Daring Book for Girls

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For every Australian girl with an independent spirit and a nose for trouble, here is the no-boys-allowed guide to adventure. The Australian edition of the best-selling book for girls! What Dangerous Book for Boys did for boys, Daring Book for Girls is set to do for girls; take them away from the TV and the mobile phone and introduce them to a world of practical, essential, interesting, fun stuff: how to surf, throw a boomerang, the best sleepover games, queens of the ancient world, princesses, female spies; fairy wings ...

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Feb 4, 2010

Couldn't be better

Grand-daughter (age 10) loves it so much, I ordered the sequel for her next birthday. Since she lives 2000 miles away from us, in an area where most girls' aspirations do not rise higher than pom-poms and baton-twirling, this book has been a "mind saver".


Jan 10, 2008

a parent's/babysitter's best friend!

I gave this book to a 10 year old as a gift, and she absolutely loved it! It's kind of like a survival guide to childhood play (and not necessarily just girl activities). I think this book is best for upper elementary school girls because the directions could be a little complicated, so prepare to help decipher if it's a younger child. I think more pictures could have helped, but the lack of color adds to the overall look of the book, so I understand why this is so. There were games and activities in there I remembered from my own childhood, as well as ones I had never heard before. It's a parent's/babysitter's best friend because there are countless things to do outside and away from the T.V. We played "snail", a version of hopscotch (the book talks about many versions of this classic game) for hours outside with her 8 year old brother. This book provides hours of enjoyment, entertainment and exercise - i'm thinking of getting another one for my own shelves!

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