The Dangerous Days of Daniel X


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Daniel X works alone. Having watched from the shadows as the brutal murder of his own parents unfolded before him, he has been forced to make his own way in a dark and unforgiving world with a heavy task handed to him. Daniel's father was an alien hunter, working his way through a fearsome 'wanted' list of aliens intent on seeking control and wreaking devastation. But as he planned his next target, his own time was running out. Following his parents' sudden deaths, Daniel faced an uncertain future: he knew little about his ...

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Dec 30, 2011

For Me It Was Okay

2 1/2 Stars It Was Okay/I Liked It: For a young pre-teen/teen this book is highly recommended, but as an over 30 adult it was only entertaining. However, with its wild sound effects and Milo the narrator giving the book its edge and soul, I?m glad I took advantage of the audiobook sale because it was okay, but not worth the full price. In my opinion I?m glad I choose to listen to this audiobook instead of reading the ebook. I feel that I wouldn?t have liked the story as much without Milo?s talented and creative influence. The story is creative, imaginative, and a big adventure full of danger, heroism, and most importantly villainous aliens coming to Earth to wreak all kinds of havoc. Daniel is an alien hunter who is in possession of the list of alien criminals that he is working his way down to number one. Number one on the list is the alien responsible for the murder of his parents. On his adventures he has his cool powers/abilities to learn and master, as well as learning about himself and being a teenage boy too.


Jul 31, 2010

Only for preteen boys

My aunt gave this book to my 14 yr. old daughter . . . she wouldn't touch it. So I read it myself. For the first time I'm humbled to say my daughter was smarter than me. It pained me to continue page after page, but I really wanted to tell my aunt that the book was read. Yes, it's perfect for preteen boys that want a lot of action with a superhero teen who can do absolutely anything. And I have to admit the ending where he transformed to kill the alien, took me by surprise. That's the only reason I gave it two stars instead of one.


Jun 3, 2010

Thrilling Story, Quick Reading with a Low Price

Patterson's fantasies carry the reader to the adventures that teeter between our daily world and the edge of his imagination. Great fun and a great low price, too!

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