The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English


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Nothing in the modern study of ancient Judaism and the birth of Christianity can match the 50-year saga of these documents, discovered by a lowly goatherd in the spring of 1947. Now, after years of academic debate and maneuvering as tense as any espionage novel, the Dead Sea Scrolls and fragments are at last available in their entirety, in the established standard English version.

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william v

Jun 28, 2014

what is there 2 say?

not much to say. its the dead sea scrolls. if you havnt heard of it... well then.. go buy it. my tip 2 u is.. if u want to get the best grasp on understanding the scrolls.. its best to learn about all the tribes from that area. the beliefs, the laws, the God or gods, and the whole system of cultures out there. dont give up. the dead sea scrolls have the rawest of writings from that time period available to us today. they havnt had time to be altered enough to destroy the message. much of the original writers thoughts have been portrayed. that is a true blessing.

Gaylord G

Aug 9, 2012

Awesome collection

Have DVDs about the Dead Sea Scrolls but here I can carry it all and read anywhere. Amazed, impressed, pleased. Thanks.

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