The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies


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Dr. Vasant Lad, Deepak Chopra's own advisor and a leading researcher in the field of Ayurvedic health, provides natural remedies based on the time-tested methods of this discipline, for more than 100 common ailments. 60 line drawings.

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Oct 19, 2008

The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

This is a ?must have? book for everyone to find simple cures from the kitchen cupboard. The author is an expert on Ayurveda. This ancient healing system from India is based on the principles and practices developed over centuries by the sages and physicians who have researched them. The book lists alphabetically many simple health problems and how a home remedy can be made from herbs and spices already in the kitchen. Excellent directions to make teas, oils and medicated pastes are given throughout the book. Whether one wants to try to find a temporary cure until one gets to visit a physician, or try some home therapy as preventive care, this is a very good book to start.

These therapies include learning sensible eating habits, using the six tastes of food to bring about balance of the bodily systems, learning to stay rested and unstressed, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Step-by-step instructions with diagrams are given for yoga postures and breathing techniques. There is also a section on how to use the healing properties of metals, gemstones, colors, and aromas.

An interesting questionnaire is provided for the reader to determine his/her mental and physiological type. Ayurveda being a spiritual healing system, the author describes in the very first chapter how each human being is connected with the universe. For the serious reader interested in this science, the author explains the Sankhya Philosophy of Creation, one of the systems of Indian Philosophy, from which Ayurveda originated. The concepts of why one gets sick and the need for healing are dealt with beautifully.

This book is full of authentic information on physical, mental and spiritual health and how to maintain good health in all levels. For the casual reader, the home remedies are spelled out for several health conditions. For the serious reader on the subject, this is an excellent starter.

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