The Chalice and the Blade-Our History, Our Future


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Apr 26, 2012

You must read this book!

If you want to understand why men dominate our species - and discover what it was like in pre-history - you must read this book!

We are probably doomed (along with the planet). But perhaps Eisler's work will lead us to salvation.


Mar 12, 2009


No, this isn't a book about the Knights Templar, though the title may mislead you to thinking that it is. Rather, the author discusses new possibilities to mankind's origins. She has brought together data from various disciplines - art, archaeology, history, religion and so on - to rethink the "Mars vs Venus" concept of human sexual coexistence.


Sep 16, 2007

Chalice and Blade shifted understanding of history

This book came out in 1987, and was quickly hailed as a revelation. It changed the way we understood history. Early in this volume, Eisler points out that the most striking thing about Neolithic art is what it does not depict. We have no images ?idealizing armed might, cruelty, and violence.? The Neolithic goddess-worshipping societies have not lavish chieftain burials either. And no one is buried with their slaves or other human sacrifices. The goddess cultures worshipped the power to give life rather the power to take life.
Whether future excavations bear her out or not, she pictures an astonishingly peaceful world among the Cretans, Myceneans and Sumerians, as well as in the mythical Atlantis and Garden of Eden. Huge ancient cities sat on open plains with no fences or walls around them.
Eisler's passion for her subject is undeniable and has inspired thousands to a new way of living.

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