The Canyon


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Based on a Cheyenne legend, this novel holds universal appeal as it explores the theme of a man's conflict with his culture.

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May 2, 2008

a story ahead of its time

This book was writen by the author of SHANE, the great western. It wasn't received too well because it only had indians in it. In 1953 we Americans weren't very sensitive to tales about indians. That , of course, has all changed now. The story is about a young male who refuses to go with a warparty. He is ostracized and finds himself a loner. He falls into a canyon , at night, breaks his leg, and has no food or weapons, except his knife. In the canyon he finds everything he need for life, and he is very content with the fact he cannot excape the 80 ft walls on all sides of the canyon. Then one day, after a dream about an indian maiden, he realizes his canyon does not have everything he needs. He needs female companionship. How he gets out of the canyon, finds his "dream maiden", finds a way to give her family prized gifts for her hand in marriage, and lives with her in his canyon is what this story is about. Very good reading.

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