The Burgess Bird Book for Children


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Originally published: Boston: Little, Brown, 1919.

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Aug 3, 2010

Lowest Quality Printing

The Burgess Bird Book for Children is a classic that is now out of print, at least in hardcover anyway. You can't get a new hardcover of this book unless you want to pay in the hundreds for a used copy.

However, the Press at Toad Hall has reissued this work in what they call a "hardcover". Don't be fooled.

Their printing quality is worse than a paperback. The back binding is a piece of tape holding the pages together with two very thin but rather solid boards for the front and back cover. There is even a built in bookmark, but it is merely taped to the last page of the book. This is the lowest quality bookmaking I have EVER seen. A paperback version would look much nicer than the Press at Toad Halls quality. Very dissappointed - in fact I already donated this low quality book to a hospital.


Apr 12, 2009

Make sure your book has color pictures!

The stories in this book are lively and cute, but be aware that there are two different versions of this book: one with color illustrations and one with black-and-white. How is my daughter supposed to notice the "bright red plumage" or the "yellow body and brown head" when every single one of her pictures is either solid black or a combination of black-and-white? Not all of these birds live in our area and with these dark illustrations, it is impossible to see what these non-local birds are supposed to look like. This forces me to hunt around for pictures elsewhere, taking up valuable time that could be used for other worthwhile activities. I am extremely disappointed that I was not aware of this "minor" discrepency in the versions available and would recommend this book in its COLOR format only. It's worth the extra couple of dollars.


May 7, 2007

Great book!

Interesting stories. Draws the reader in. My sons have learned so much about the various birds and are becoming avid birdwatchers. Just reading the chapter you learn about the habitat, migration pattern and appearance of whichever bird Peter Rabbit is talking too. Lots of fun for adults who are fowl challenged as well.

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