The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World


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A farmer cultivates genetically modified potatoes so that a customer at McDonald's half a world away can enjoy a long, golden french fry. A gardener plants tulip bulbs in the autumn and in the spring has a riotous patch of colour to admire. Two simple examples of how humans act on nature to get what we want. Or are they? What if those potatoes and tulips have evolved to gratify certain human desires so that humans will help them multiply? What if, in other words, these plants are using us just as we use them? In blending ...

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Dec 1, 2011

A uniquely different perspective

Author Pollan adds an interesting alternate look at the desirability by humans for four well known botanicals. Additionally he adds many very interesting side comments which make this book a very good read. Clearly, he has put a lot of fact gathering into this book!


Jun 8, 2007

What you didn?t know about plants . . . . .

Quite rightly considered to be a masterpiece, a unique take on our relationship to the natural world.

A cracking good read too!


Apr 3, 2007

A Great Read

Mr. Pollan examines the place four plants have played in the human experience. Sounds boring, right. In his able writer's hands it's anything but boring. It's a mind expanding whirlwind tour. Highly recommended.


Apr 2, 2007

beautiful and interesting book

An unusually elegant narrative style for nonfiction, this book is a must-read. Pollan is a witty, literary, and smart writer. This book may or may not change how you think about your diet (the way some of his work will), but the stories and the history are important links in the missing knowledge of the history of our food system, and the book is an enjoyable read. Nonficiton at its finest.

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