The Book of Enoch


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SPCK first published R. H. Charles's translation of the "Book of Enoch" in 1917 and it has remained in print ever since. R. H. Charles is recognized as one of the leading figures in Enoch scholarship and his masterly translation remains the standard edition of the text in English. "The Book of Enoch" has recently reached a far wider audience due to Dan Brown's phenomenally successful novel, "The Da Vinci Code", which has various allusions to this important book. This reissue of the classic translation has been reformatted ...

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Daryl N

Apr 4, 2013


Most people do not know that the Book of Enoch is referenced twice in the Bible as Scripture. Get a copy for your reference. Book was brand new, still in the wrapper.

David L

Jan 18, 2013

Fine Book

I read the whole book. The stories were interesting. The book explained the ideas satisfactorily.


Jan 20, 2012

Great Translation

In my opinion, this book should never have been removed from our Bible. It was written for the modern day saints and is full of comfort and hope. In depth information of origin of evil and fallen angels. Contains description of blessings for the saints and the ultimate destruction of all the wicked.....Much can be confirmed in our Bibles. A must read for all who love to study the scriptures.


Apr 7, 2011

Important to know to understand NT

Have you noticed that in the NT, there are demons everywhere, water baptism, a "son of man" and a resurrection from the dead? All concepts absent from the OT, but assumed to be common subjects in the NT. Have you noticed references to things like "Michael arguing with the adversary over Moses' body, "and a "third heaven"? Why would these things pop up and be assumed?

While Enoch doesn't cover all of these things, it certainly is the background for several of these things. During the 400 years between Malichi and Matthew, people kept churning out scriptures. Enoch is one of the most important of these to know.

This edition is just a translation with a preface. There may be others with more commentary, but this is a must read as it is.

joe h

Mar 3, 2011

I could not have purchased this used in other places for what I paid for a new copy. This experience exceeded my expectations and I will tell others about this great experience.

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