The Blind Watchmaker


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Richard Dawkins vividly demonstrates that evolution by natural selection, the unconscious, automatic, blind yet essentially non-random process discovered by Darwin, is the only answer to the biggest question of all: why do we exist?

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Shanna C

Dec 15, 2011

Takes motivation to tackle

It is not an easy read, but it isn't an easy subject. Well sequenced and I really enjoyed how he addressed topics that confuse most people. He met the challenge of proponents that the earth and all that is on it was created with the swish of God's magic wand. I felt like I had just attended a class of Evolution 101 and was glad I ran across a mention of this well-written book.


Dec 11, 2008

Evolution Vs creationism?

Dawkins has done a very thoughtful examination and justification of the concept of evolution, and since he has a more than adequate scientific expertise to detail the science behind his arguments, it would impossible to read the book and disagree with the concept. I'd hardly call it easy reading, but it's more than worth the time and effort to finish it! If anyone read and understood the book and still "believed" in creationism, it would prove brainwashing really works better than education and logic.

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