The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable


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Elegant, startling, and universal in its applications, The Black Swan is a concept that will change the way you look at the world. Black Swans underlie almost everything, from the rise of religions, to events in our own personal lives. A Black Swan is a highly improbable event with three principle characteristics: it is unpredictable; it carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random and more predictable than it was. The astonishing success of Google was a black ...

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Debbie C

Jun 8, 2013

Haven't read the book yet. Bought it ahead for November's book club discussion. Plan on reading it this fall.

John T

Feb 13, 2011

Interesting but . . . .

This book has some interesting ideas, but it is somewhat annoying. The author is full of himself and wanders off the subject. However, it does get better as you work through it.


May 13, 2010

The author's snarky tone turned me off. He came off as such a smirking know-it-all that I didn't care what startling new conclusions he had reached.


Apr 22, 2010

an entertainment lacking in quantitative support

The book arrived with an unreported broken binding.

Taleb's content is entertaining and a useful if informal index of authors he mentions in passing, however as a standalone piece, it lacks substantive value (which I'm sure Taleb himself would admit).


Jun 25, 2009

Nice book. Intellectual and eye - opening. I recommend to read this book for everyone interested in different point of view.

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