The Black Stallion


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When young Alec Ramsay first embarks on the boat that will take him from India to New York, he prepares himself for a long and boring journey - until he spots the last passenger to come on board . . . As soon as he lays eyes on the haughty black stallion, Alec is spellbound. Beautiful, savage and wild, and striking terror through the crew and passengers - no one can tame this creature. But when disaster strikes, and the ship begins to sink, it is the stallion who saves Alec's life. Together they reach land, and so begins a ...

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barnes d k

Dec 12, 2015

a classic

great for kids and young adults--11.12. start of a rewarding series


Sep 18, 2007

Another Favorite

I have read most of the books that Farley has written and have enjoyed every single one of them. I love horses and loved reading books about them as a child, so as you can imagine, I read just about every single one of them that I could get my hands on, and this one was definately at the top of my list of favorites. I agree with the other reviewer that the movie is definately lacking... The book however is fantastic. A great tale that keeps you interested and I think really describes the bond that humans and horses can share and have shared throughout history. Farley really does make you picture The Black running by the shore, and you almost feel as if you can feel his mane between your fingers as Alec does in the book when he rides him. I've read it several times and enjoyed it everytime.


Aug 10, 2007

great book

Great book. Read this with my husband and six yr old son. Both enjoyed it. Very exciting story that moves quickly. The movie by the same name, made with Mickey Rooney was sadly disappointing. Changed much of the story line. Would not recommend the movie.

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