Texas Bride


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Tate Whitelaw has had enough of her older brothers' constant interference in her life. It's enough to drive a woman crazy . . . and straight into the arms of hardened rancher Adam Phillips.

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Apr 23, 2013

An Uncomplicated Story About a Complicated Family

This is a story of hidden agendas: Both of the main characters have them. Perhaps they are too young, but they do not have the strength of character to state their objectives ? so the other partner has a true view of the conditions.

Miranda Wentworth has become too old to stay at the orphanage and she must leave. However, conditions in the Chicago orphanage are so dire that she spirits away her two youngest siblings with her.

Miranda has accepted Jacob Creed?s ad for a mail-order bride. Fearing he will not want her with 2 additional mouths to feed, she doesn?t mention it and trembles to meet the rancher.

Six months before, Jacob Creed lost his wife and stillborn son. He is desperate for a help mate and someone who can care for his two year-old daughter. Fearing no one would accept him with a child, he neglects to mention her in his ad or letter.

Jacob is so shocked by the loss of his wife in childbirth; he decided that this will be a marriage of convenience. He has no intention of losing another wife. Jacob neglects to mention this condition either in his advertisement for a wife.

Because this was an interesting (if fairly common) storyline, I looked at the previous novels in this series. What I learned stopped me cold. I?d already read the story of Cricket (Jacob?s mother) ? in FRONTIER WOMAN (1988). My review of that book is available elsewhere.

Then I found out about what happened to Jacob?s father and how Cricket married Blackthorne. I realized I didn?t want any part of the rest of this series.

This story was cute and quick; Miranda and Jake were interesting. However, I have no intention in investing any more time with this sick/crazy Cricket Creed and Blackthorne families.
3 stars on this novel

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