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1909. Temperance O'Neil, a women's rights activist, is shipped off to Scotland against her will by her stepfather. She will do anything to get back home to New York City, so she agrees to pose as a housekeeper to the rough-mannered James McCairn in a secret attempt to find him a wife.

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Jun 2, 2009

This story is so much fun! Temperance O'Neil is fiesty, energetic and driven activist who is skillfully trapped into finding a wife for James McCairn. The catch is that she must pose as a housekeeper at his home - and he doesn't want a wife at all.

Temperance and McCairn bring out the best and worst in each other as they learn to work past their own arrogance and self-importance and be better people. They just also happen to fall in love in the process.

Temperance is a unique character. An activist for women and children, she's something of a celebrity amongst those whom she champions. This is the kind of righteous, self-important attitude Temperance must battle against as she works as a housekeeper for McCairn.

McCairn is a man, and that is the problem he must deal with.

It is truly entertaining to read how these two strong-headed people battle it out at McCairn's home in an attempt to conquer the other through sheer force of will.

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