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Talking tough, leaning hard to the left, and living life to its psychedelic fullest, comic and television host Joe Rogan is love him or hate him when it comes to his standup act. Don't fully agree with the reform of marijuana laws, and he'll berate you despite the $23.50 you paid to get in, and if you can't make the transition from Ultimate Fighting Championship talk to a discussion on how the naturally occurring tryptamine DMT can open the mind's eye, then please stay home. Most of all, avoid his 2010 album Talking Monkeys ...

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  1. Intro
  2. Black President/Illegal Weed/Gray Hair on My B***s
  3. I Made a Baby/Breast Milk
  4. Pulling Out Doesn't Work
  5. Anti-Pot Talking Dogs
  6. Pot Is Not for Everyone
  7. Pot Stops You from Doing Stupid S***/Mount Everest
  8. I Didn't Come from a Monkey, I Came from Jesus/Evolution
  9. Telepathy/Ted Haggard Got Cured of the Gay
  10. Mormons/Gay Marriage/Chimp Prostitution
  11. Tiger Escapes from Zoo, Frees Person from Life
  12. Dr. Phil and His S****y Advice
  13. Touching Yourself Is Evolutionary, Don't B*** Yourself
  14. I've Been Caught M**********g Twice
  15. Onstage Q&A
  16. Onstage Q&A
  17. Onstage Q&A
  18. Onstage Q&A
  19. Onstage Q&A
  20. Onstage Q&A
  21. Onstage Q&A
  22. Onstage Q&A
  23. Onstage Q&A
  24. Onstage Q&A
  25. Onstage Q&A
  26. Onstage Q&A
  27. Onstage Q&A
  28. Onstage Q&A
  29. Onstage Q&A
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