Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind


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One of the great mysteries of human history is why humankind, which evolved anatomically millions of years ago, suddenly at around 50,000 BC first began to think symbolically, as we see from Stone Age art. In order to investigate this mystery, Graham Hancock journeys first to explore the wonderful cave paintings of Southern France. There he learns the theory of an unorthodox anthropologist that the distinctive features of these paintings and the similar paintings created by tribesmen in South America show them to be ...

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Judith M

Oct 4, 2012


This is one of the mos tabsorbing, intriguing, and impactful books I've read in years. Innovative theory; sound investigation of a number of oddly-linked phenomena; well-written and well-researched; convincingly argued -- even quite funny at times. One thing, though --- this is an incredibly dumb title for a profoundly fascinating, serious study. The buzzwords in the title ("Supernatural: Meetings....Ancient...") insure its appeal to flakes the world over. It ought to be made palatable to those of sounder mind as well. Well worth the read!

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