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The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is a landmark in intellectual history which has attracted attention far beyond its own immediate field. It is written with a combination of depth and clarity that make it an almost unbroken series of aphorisms. Its author, Thomas S. Kuhn, wastes little time on demolishing the logical empiricist view of science as an objective progression toward the truth. Instead he erects from ground up a structure in which science is seen to be heavily influenced by nonrational procedures, and in ...

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kenneth h

Feb 27, 2015

Science and change

Kuhn has written a cogent account of how science operates in society and life at large. In this he challenges some of the more imperial attitudes of science and reveals its limitations like all human endeavours. I believe that this is done in a helpful constructive debating stance as opposed to an iconoclastic one. For my part I commend this book as a useful tool in assisting us to face the questions and challenges that science poses, and that honest and open debate this required.

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