Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right


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Sociologist Arlie Hochschild embarks on a journey from her liberal hometown of Berkeley, California, deep into Louisiana bayou country--a stronghold of the conservative right. As she gets to know people who strongly oppose many of the ideas she famously champions, Hochschild nevertheless finds common ground and quickly warms to the people she meets--among them a Tea Party activist whose town has been swallowed by a sinkhole caused by a drilling accident--people whose concerns are actually ones that all Americans share: the ...

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Havah G

Jun 21, 2019

Her claim of empathy is a fraud.

It was clear from the beginning, regardless of her claims, she had no intention to understand non liberals. It shows in her use of the south, the state of Louisiana, the poorest, the most polluted, the most uneducated parish as her standard for ALL concervatives. Her derogatory comments on their religion and on and on..... Her quoting from only liberal studies to support her bias claims. It was her own circular argument.

Right off, she claims that the "right" has moved to extreme radical right and left these poor people behind. Of course it could never be that the left has gone so far to left that yesterday's centermoderates now look like extreme right.

It was a paper written by a liberal for liberals to say,

"Look my friends I have done this study. Tut Tut oh my, see how stupid they are."

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