Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America


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White examines his own life as a devout Christian, husband, father, and preacher, and details the extreme and painful measures he took to deny his natural sexual desires. He provides a shocking firsthand account of the methods and tactics the religious right uses to wage a campaign of fear and hatred against homosexuals. National ad/media.

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Dec 13, 2012

Should be required reading

Not surprisingly, since the author is an ordained evangelical Christian minister, this book is a little preachy. Nevertheless, it is a moving account of his ongoing struggle with his native wiring versus the prejudice with which he had long been inculcated both by his religion and the American homophobic ethos. I have never believed that people can choose to whom they are sexually attracted. This moving account reaffirmed that viewpoint. A Biblical scholar and born teacher, White lays out his methodical scriptural study and personal crusade to overcome his natural affinities and resultant shame and self-loathing. Eventually he was able to accept his God-made homosexual self.
I think this book should be required reading for educators, psychologists and members of the clergy. Parents, too, would do well to read it.


Jun 11, 2009

Mel White - Amazin Race as well

I first heard of Mel White when he joined Amazing Race with his son this season. I became curious about him since he was a fundamental preacher. I read his Religion Gone Bad as well as this one. He makes a lot of sense! I wondered how he could be a Christian and a homosexual. He explains all of this. I believe this is a good book for any parent that is upset that their child is going to hell because they are gay.

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