Storm Prey


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When a gang carry out a daring drugs raid on a hospital pharmacy, during which several staff are injured and one medical orderly is brutally killed, the Minneapolis police department can only conclude that it must have been an inside job. For Lucas Davenport, this case is about to get personal. Weather Karkinnen, Lucas's surgeon wife, was due to perform a high-profile operation on the day of the raid, and as an unwitting observer of the criminals' desperate getaway, she is now in grave danger. As the culprits embark on a ...

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Jul 13, 2011

Best-Selling or Best-Shilling?

Sandford has been doing "product placement" in his writing for quite a while (how much does he get every time he says "Diet Coke" instead of diet soda?), and this book is the worst so far - the reader is stumbling over as many ads as his detectives are bodies and clues. Does the guy not make enough money that he has to constantly annoy the reader with brand names? Sandford's books are just thrillers, granted - they are well-written, but hardly literature for the ages. However, with the constant product callouts, they are reading more like marketing copy than fiction. Every day I feel like I am being assaulted by advertising - in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV, at the movies, in the mail, online, on the sides of buses, on billboards, in magazines. Everyone wants me to spend my money, buy something. Why can't I escape into a semi-pleasant read without being targeted as a consumer? I say "semi-pleasant" because even though Sandford's writing is good, the thinly veiled chauvinism gets tiresome after a while - seems like his male characterizations are just a way of taking cheap shots at women and minorities. I could tolerate the constant good old boy references to female body parts, etc., somewhat, for the fun of a decent read, but I don't see why I should continue to buy books by a guy who is already rich, and who apparently wants to be richer through shamelessly selling out to anyone and everyone - didn't we see enough of that with George Bush? Sandford seems to want to find out how much he can get away with - showing his contempt for whole groups of people and his readers. It's as if he wants to see if anyone will stand up and say, hey, John, enough with the sleazy attitudes towards anyone who isn't white and doesn't have male plumbing, and stop thinking we are so dumb we can't count the bucks for every product you place. Grow up - you and your characters are stuck in the lowest common denominator junior high school boy mentality (where the group IQ of junior high boys is considerably less than the sum of their individual IQs). And stop insulting us with blatant greed. Unless, of course, you are donating the proceeds of your ads to fight world hunger or cure breast cancer. That would be OK, sort of. Maybe you could just donate money of your own to good causes and get back to writing, or else join up with the good old boys for real and officially take up marketing for a living.


Oct 7, 2010

Typical Sandford

As a fan of Lucas, you will get what you expect, plus Virgil.

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