Stones from the River


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Trudi Montag is a Zwerg -- a dwarf -- short, undesirable, different, the plucky but sometimes defeated voice of anyone who has ever tried to fit in. Eventually she learns that being different is a secret that all humans share -- from her mother who flees into madness, to her childhood friend Georg whose parents always wanted a girl, and therefore treat him as one, to the Jews Trudi harbours in her cellar when her small town is hit by the lead up to World War II. Ursula Hegi brings us a timeless and unforgettable story in ...

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Aug 13, 2016

worth rereading

I absolutely loved this book the first time that I read it. I have been going through my books and getting rid of a bunch. Ran across this book and ended abandoning my project and rereading this book. Reading it for the second time and it still made me cry. She is such a talented writer she makes the town feel so real. The characters are these amazing complicated people that you care about and feel connected to. Once you read this you will fall in love with little Trudi and never forget her or this story. If you have already read this book I encourage you to read her others which take place in the same town. Floating in my mothers palm was written before this book but is more of a sequel.


May 30, 2008


I wept many times while reading this book. It has the kind of power that haunts the reader for many weeks, if not forever. There are parallels with "The Tin Drum" in the use of a dwarf as protagonist, and there is some common symbolism about the German civilians during World War II.
However, the stye and content diverge from there. I could not put the book down, even though it was ripping me to shreds emotionally. I'm surprised I am the first reviewer, but the book has been around now a long time. If you are checking this out, read it.

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