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Soon to be an original film on Disney+ streaming service! Before ELEANOR AND PARK, there was STARGIRL. The seminal life-affirming YA novel celebrating first love and self-acceptance - now in a beautiful new edition for the next generation of readers. She's as magical as the desert sky. As mysterious as her own name. Nobody knows who she is or where she's from. But everyone loves her for being different. And she captures Leo's heart with just one smile. STARGIRL is a classic of our time that celebrates being true to ...

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Elaine H

Nov 24, 2014

loved it. Sent one to my sister via alibris

Great for anyone, girl or boy man or woman over 14. Really great author


Oct 28, 2008

When did we all stop being Stargirl?

I found it very hard to find a section in this book that was a "good place to stop for now." I ended up reading until 2 am, and, even then, I had to force myself to go to bed. I finished reading Stargirl during a long lunch break the next day.
As painfully true as the cruelties of high school were/are, this book shows how staying true to oneself is the only "right" thing to do. I would highly recommend this book for all kids to read to remind them that what's "inside" is what's important, and that "different" is beautiful too. For adults, this book is a reminder that we all have a Stargirl or Starboy inside us, and we should let her or him out to play more often...and not be so darn serious all the time.
Wonderful book, wonderful read.


Sep 12, 2007


Susan Caraway calls herself Stargirl. When she arrives at high school in a small Arizona town, nobody knows what to make of her. She is the ultimate non-conformist. She doesn't even care about trying to fit in. Her daily mission in life appears to be showering utter strangers with random acts of kindness. For a while she inspires the other students to express their individuality as well, but when her altruism goes too far, they all turn against her. Everyone except the narrator, Leo, a fellow tenth-grader who has a crush on her. Only he can't quite bring himself to accept the outcast role that being Stargirl's friend puts him in. This book has strong themes of conformity, individualism and friendship. It has an unadorned writing style that flows easily. However, I was a little disappointed at the end. I felt there were several avenues the author could have explored more to give Stargirl's character greater depth. Instead, we were left to puzzle over her motives and in the end left just as unknowing as Leo himself.


May 1, 2007

Adorable and Heartbreaking!

This sweet novel shows how cold and cruel high school can be. At first, Stargirl is just her crazy old self. When her peers finally accept her and grow to love her, she gets backstabbed and ultimately shunned.
During this heartbreaking novel I grew to idolize Stargirl. I learned to sing as loud as possible, express your true feelings, that flowers can always brighten anyone's day and to love everyone with all your heart.

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