Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Alien Species

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The seventh volume in the successful "Star Wars: Essential Guide" library brings to life more than 150 of the most exotic and entertaining creatures of the "Star Wars" universe, from the banthas to the Wookiees, the Anzati to the Yuuzhan Vong.

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Sep 30, 2007

Essential Guide Hits the nail on the head!

This is an awesome book detailing all of the alien species that the great Lucas has dreamed of. Ever find yourself reading one of the multiple "after the movies" stories and an author simply throws the name of a species at you, leaving you guessing what it looks like, what it does, how big...all those little nuances. Well guess no more cause with this guide the picture and description of everything you would want to know on that alien is fingertips away. I am a visual reader, I read and it paints a story in my head, so to just be given a name of an alien without a descriptive sentence or phrase following simply aggravates me, but no more! I strongly recommend this if you are a fan in any way shape or form, and c'mon who isn't...really?

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