Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life


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Discipline sounds great on paper. The idea of making progress---especially in the area of one's relationship with God---is highly motivating. The trouble is, discipline is difficult. It involves struggle. And it never seems to fit naturally into any schedule. Donald Whitney carves the project down into manageble chunks and helps us achieve what our hearts truly desire.e

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Jul 30, 2009

Spirituaal Discipline

If you are a seeking Christian this is a book that can materially help you perform and understand Christian spiritual discipline.


Jul 30, 2009

A MUST read for every Christian!

This book touches on a subject that is much neglected in our churches today. We are so unknowledgeable about performing Christian disciplines thanks to the touchy feel good theology that started in the 60?s. These disciplines are things that God expects from us and that Jesus gave us examples of (as well as commands) through His living. You say you want to be like Jesus... well get this book, read this book and put into action the disciplines that Donald S Whitney puts forth. Then you WILL have the fragrance of Jesus for the world to smell. That is what will win the unbelieving world and your family and friends!


Aug 6, 2007

Most Biblical Spiritual Disciplines book out there

For those who value the Bible as God's Word, you will appreciate the holistic approach Whitney takes as he explains a handful of disciplines you can practice to have more intimate understanding and experience of the God detailed in the Bible. He gives clear analogies and a plethora of verses to back up his conclusions about spiritual disciplines pertaining to the desired Godly life we all want founded in God's Word. By far my favorite follow-up book when I disciple young women in the process of sanctification. I highly recommend it to those that value God's Word.


May 17, 2007

Useful Study

I found this book to be a useful study on some (not all) of the Spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. Such Scriptural viewings of fasting, praying, silence and solitude, stewardship, evangelism, serving, and worship were helpful in teaching me about the necessity of persevering in a disciplined walk as Jesus and many godly men of the Bible did.

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