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Mix Master Mike, the three-time DMC world champion, the guy who attracted Beastie Boys, and the same man who helped found the Invisibl Skratch Piklz (a group of the most talented turntablists the world knows) is back and surprising the world with something he's never done before -- at least commercially. This is Mike's first hip-hop mixed CD, attracting exactly who he wanted on the album, including: Freddie Foxxx, Guru of Gangstarr, Binary Star, Fat Lip (ex-Pharcyde), Deltron 3030, Large Professor, KRS-One, Cali Agents, El ...

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  1. Intro
  2. N.Y. Is Good
  3. Board Burner
  4. Cosmic Assassins
  5. Now You're Mine
  6. Get Your Self Up
  7. Bumpy Knuckles Baby
  8. Ice Age
  9. U Know the Name
  10. The Good Life
  11. Under Pressure
  12. Analyze
  13. Introducing the Raw
  14. Solar Powered/Si]
  15. Grand Agent
  16. Back to Back
  17. Strong Island
  18. Goldmine
  19. One for the Treble
  20. Me and Him
  21. Positive Contact
  22. Three MC's and One DJ
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