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After Melinda goes through a traumatic and violent incident at a summer party, she calls the cops and becomes a social outcast. Her freshman year is a disaster. As time passes, she stops talking--except through her paintings in art class. Her healing process has just begun when her perpetrator attacks again. Only this time, she doesn't keep silent.

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Debra C

Nov 9, 2014


an insightful book, meant of teens and their parents about a girl who did speak up when she needed to.

Jocelyn V

Oct 3, 2011

One of my favorites

Although there is some mild language that would prevent me from recommending this to someone too young, that is my only hesitation in recommending this book.
It is excellently written, compelling, and heart wrenching. Definitely a must read.
I am even tempted to buy a few extra copies to have on hand when I find out a friend has not read it... LOVE this book.


Jul 25, 2008

This has meaning. Pain.

My mom found this book on a plane. Someone left it there perhaps accidently as they were gathering up their suitcases, or as I prefer to believe, because they finished reading it and wanted others to read about it. That's why I love books so much they are meant to be read, shared, enjoyed. My mom read it and then gave it to me to read. I may leave the book on a park bench or on the beach.

This book reads easy but that does not at all imply that this is a simple book. On the contrary, Anderson discusses the angst of being a young teenager, high school clicks, the inability to conform, losing friends, and loss of communication within families. In all honesty, I read the book in 4 or 5 hours because I couldn't put it down.

Anderson writes with fluid grace. Her style is quick, fluid, sarcastic, witty, and at times haunting. The protagonist, Melinda, hardly says anything. Her parents think she has become mute. They think she is rebelling, as all teenagers do. Their own relationship is a model of dysfunction and waste. Her only outlet is in her art class. Her assignment is simple: she has the whole year to do a project and recreate a tree that emotionally moves everyone. That would be well and fine, except, Melinda checked out emotionally last year. After a certain party. After she "called the cops" for reasons unknown to her friends. She doesn't tell anyone what happened that night, and since then her walls have come up and she feels like ice blocks her throat.

Every teenage girl should read this novel in my opinion. I think everyone can relate to at least one aspect of the book which is why I enjoyed this. I like novels that speak to me in some way and I can relate to it. Melinda has some powerful memories of certain instances that she remembered as a child - like when she was out in the snow - and recalling how life appeared much easier back then. She could talk to people. Clearly, something tragic shook Melinda to her very core at the party and she was suffering from PTSD.

I highly recommend this book to all young people and adults.


Jul 13, 2008

A true look into the horror of abuse

The thought of being trapped within your own mind, unable to ask let alone scream for help. We all have regrets in our life, but what happens when an event makes life your regret? For fourteen-year-old Melinda Sordino life has been turned upside down by a secret rape, a phone call to the police, and a school who views her as a pitiful snitch. You see, Melinda like any freshman wanted to fit in. Like anyone new to the highschool scene, she succumbed to pressure and went to a party with her best friend. No one knows what happened that night besides Melinda, and no one cares to find out. To them she's just the outcast the called the police on and end of the summer party. This book demonstrates the betrayal, anger, loneliness, and courage of a girl who ventured into highschool with nothing besides a chip on her shoulder and a school of peers that hated her. If anything, the author truly reaches out to everyone who has ever went through a hard time that they assumed no one could relate to. If Melinda can overcome the events in "Speak" then this gives hope and encouragement to anyone who reads it.


Sep 22, 2007

Solid Youngn Adult entry

This audiobook was fairly interesting, and well read. The ending was a bit too neat, and I was surprised no one had ever thought to send the girl to a shrink for her sudden "downshift" in attitude, but overall the story seemed real

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