Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self


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The author of "Simple Abundance" follows up that bestseller with a provocative and powerful book that has become a life "bible" for women around the world. In this insightful and eloquent book, Sarah Ban Breathnach explores the nine stages necessary to living authentically: Sensing, Surviving, Settling, Stumbling, Selling Out, Starting Over, Searching, Striving, and finally, Something More.

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Aug 26, 2007

Finding Joy in Your Life

This is an excellent book for women that may be having doubts about the possibility of finding genuine fulfillment within their lives. It is often difficult to find a path that can enable us to lead a joyful life. Many women have allowed themselves to 'settle for less', not enough love, not enough self esteem, not enough spiritual growth, not enough joy. This book does not lead you to the end of the journey to find your inner self, your 'authentic self 'or your soul, whatever word you chose to use. This book is simply the best of its kind at helping you locate a destination, getting you ready for your journey and setting you out on a road that you can follow. The book speaks to our fears and doubts. Ms. Ban Breathnach let us know that we can feel compassion for ourselves, instead of pouring more self loathing over our heads for our failings. If you ready to find what it is that is missing in your life, this book makes a first rate traveling companion and portable mentor.

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