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The concepts and practice of software architecture are introduced--what a system is designed to do and how its components are meant to interact with each other. The authors cover not only essential technical topics for specifying and validating a system, but, for the first time, emphasize the importance of the business context in which large systems are designed.

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May 23, 2007

Excellent software architecture book

The second edition of the book makes a good journeyman's guidebook, which the first edition didn't since software architecture was still a mystique. The second edition, which has been heavily revamped, makes it clear that software architecture is a mature discipline.
I used the first edition, along with SEI technical papers in a graduate-level software architecture introductory course. After reading the first edition, I still wasn't sure what a software architect should do. The second edition makes it clear. I think a lot of the technical papers that I read are now chapters in the book. Some new chapters are simply great: Understanding Quality Attributes, Achieving Qualities, Designing the Architecture, Documenting Software Architectures, the ATAM, and the CBAM.
I really liked the replacement of ADL with UML, the de facto standard, with all of its warts and blemishes.
This book is my bible with regards of software architecture. In previous S.E. courses, I heard about software architecture, but the notion never quite sank on my skull; perhaps because the notion itself required a course on itself, or in this case, a book. A minor problem is that the book does not use UML; however, the diagrams the authors use are easy to understand. More importantly, I find the narrative is as good as the diagrams themselves. I almost never have to look at the diagrams to understand the notions. Tumbs up to the authors!

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