Sisterchicks in Gondolas


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At a fifteenth-century palace in Venice, best friends/sisters-in-law Jenna and Sue welcome the gondola-paced Italian lifestyle! And over boiling pots of pasta, they dare each other to dream again.

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May 16, 2009

loved it!

I really enjoy all of the sisterchicks books, they are like going a way on a trip without the hassels of packing.
I don't think it had quite the giddyness as some of the others. However,this one really moved my heart & made me stop & look at things a little more closely..

Distance Librarian

Apr 4, 2007

Present grace

In college, Jenna did some work with a mission behind the Iron Curtain, and now 30+ years later her old boss has asked her to come to Venice to cook for a retreat he is having with the heads of 6 other missions. Jenna is no cook, but her sister-in-law Sue is, so the 2 of them nervously hit Venice with about 6 words of Italian between them. One gelato gets Sue hooked, and she determines to do serious research on what flavor is the best in the week available, and Jenna is eager to help in the research! While the book never spells out the backgrounds of either woman, a change from the first 5 books in the series, bits of info are dropped along the way. Jenna was divorced when her daughter was a baby, and her family shunned her after that, but she had a supportive church family to fill in the gaps. Three years ago her brother, Sue's husband, was in an accident and is now in a wheelchair, and Jenna moved to Dallas to help Sue out. There is no dwelling on the awful things that have happened in each woman's past, no messing in pools of bitterness. The focus is on today and how God's grace has gotten each woman to their delightful present occupation, preparing meals and snacks for 7 men and seeing as much of Venice as they can in between. Gondoliers flirt with older women as well as younger, tourist shopkeepers speak English but don't have any sympathy or interest in the customers, and the local bakery owner has a heart of gold. It's a book to simply enjoy, while remembering God's grace in your own life. Ciao!

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