Sharra's Exile


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After the Age of Chaos had almost destroyed civilization on the planet of the Bloody Sun, even the Sharra had been exiled, but now the Sharra had returned, embodied in the image of a chained woman wreathed in flames, an image which could change the history of Darkover forever. From the author of CASTLE TERROR

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Jul 30, 2010

This Series Keeps Getting Better!

The end of ?The Heritage of Hastur? resulted in the Sharra matrix safely exiled from the planet Darkover, and with Kennard and Lew Alton escaping the planet along with it. Sharra?s matrix is similar to Lew?s own matrix that he wears around his neck. Because of the high cost to Lew and Marjorie for defeating the Sharra matrix at the Aldaran domain, he can not be separated from either his own matrix or Sharra?s matrix. He is keyed into both matrixes. Separation from either matrix would mean his painful and agonizing death. So, he is forced to carry the sword with him always, for he is still constantly under the nightmarish influence of Sharra.
With hopes that Terran medical science can help Lew regain his destroyed hand, Kennard tries to aid his son and Alton?s heir. Lew finds some small comfort and starts to live once again when he and Dio meet on the pleasure planet Vainwal. At first Dio is completely turned off by Lew and his over the top meanness towards everyone and everything. But as Lew slowly allows Dio past his barriers, Sharra?s hold on him diminishes when he confesses to her what happened to him in the Sharra matrix circle, the Lady Ridenow grows to love him.
Sharra?s influence on Lew goes deeper than what he previously imagined it ever could. It goes all the way to the cellular level. Dio falls so hard for Lew that she secretly plans to get pregnant so that she will not be able to travel through space back to Darkover, giving the couple more time together. To her demise, Sharra touches their unborn child and Dio gives birth in a Terran hospital to a horrific monster, instead of a son, Lew?s Alton heir.
The Hasturs intend to inherit the Alton Domain, adding to the already immense Hastur power, because both Lew and Kennard are off world at the same time. The two have left the domain vacant for more six years. Will Lew return to Darkover to claim his right to rule the Alton domain, or will his brother Marius finally work his way into the Comyn with Dyan?s help? Will Regis support his grandfather, when he plans to put Gabriel Lanart-Hastur on the Alton domain throne? How will the manipulated and dull-witted Prince Derik?s big mouth bring an end to not only his reign as king, but bring an end to the Comyn?s rule also? Ultimately, will Lew continue to battle and defeat Sharra, or will he choose to give up and die because the pain Sharra inflicts on him is unbearable?

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