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In this western adventure, Shalako (Sean Connery) leads a hunting expedition in the wilds of New Mexico. There they run across an Apache camp where the Countess Irina (Brigitte Bardot) is being held hostage. When the Indians retaliate by destroying the camp of the European aristocrats, Shalako must use his wiles to battle the Indians and the jealous members of his own hunting party. The camp is robbed by Fulton (Stephen Boyd), who runs off with the wife of Sir Dagget (Jack Hawkins). Lady Boyd (Honor Blackman) leaves her ...

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Aug 4, 2011

Cowboy movie stirred, not shaken

Euro-style cowboy movie stars famous actors and gives it a classic Look & Feel. All the actors in this movie on the range are major actors who have a well-known track record and charisma. The cinematography is outstanding, the action is exciting, the conflicts amongst them is intruiging. Outstanding movie to keep !

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