Set This House in Order: A Romance of Souls


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Andrew Gage, 28, is trying to live a normal, stable life as a multiple personality. One day Andrew meets Penny Driver, who is also multiple, but doesn't know it yet. When a couple of Penny's other personalities try to enlist Andrew's aid, they set in motion a chain of events that threatens to bring Andrew's "house" crashing down.

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Apr 4, 2007

"Set this HouseIn Order

Set This House in Order is a strange but interesting novel about a man and a woman with multiple personality disorder, and their different ways of coping with it. Andrew is a young man with several personalities, or''souls" in his head, who are all treated as separate individuals, and seem to all be managed by a personality that's in charge. Penny. on the other hand, has frequent black-outs, or lapses of time, and does not even realize that she has multiple personalities. So at the request of some of her personalities, Andrew sets out
reluctantly, at first} to help Penny manage her condition.
Matthew Ruff's smooth prose is very readable, and moves at a swift pace, however this book was disappointing and confusing at times. Many of Penny's childhood traumas were hinted at but not revealed, and I found it confusing that Andrew, a male character actually lived in a female body. Not to mention that he not only had people in his head, but a house and a lake. I don't know how accurate a representation of multiple personality disorder this is, but it did hold my interest, and I would recommend it to another reader.

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