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Scott Herren has grown into an iconoclast who resists the ingrained nature of releasing full-length-album statements every two to four years. Instead, during his career he has released several mini-albums, which are good ways to get more music into the market and put less of your reputation on the line. (After all, mainstream music critics need to take LPs seriously, but not EPs or singles.) Security Screenings, which arrived just one year after his last full-length, is light on collaborative tracks (only two) and very ...

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  1. The Letter: "P"
  2. With Dirt and Two Texts
  3. Illiterate Interlude
  4. Keeping Up with Your Quota
  5. No Special Bed
  6. Weight Watching
  7. When the Grip Lets You Go
  8. Another One Long Gone
  9. Always It's Gonna Be Like That
  10. Creating Cyclical Headaches
  11. Awakening to A...
  12. With Dirt and Two Texts
  13. No Origin
  14. One Star and Three Stripes
  15. Mud in Your Mouth
  16. Breathe
  17. Matrimonoids....
  18. We Leave You in a Cloud of Think Smoke and Sleep (Outro) #
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