Seabiscuit: An American Legend


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Hillenbrand's number-one "New York Times" bestseller about the most famous race horse in history is also the basis for the film of the same name from Universal Pictures, starring Jeff Bridges and Tobey McGuire, released on July 25, 2003.

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James S

Mar 14, 2013

Great book that is factual but told in a story book fashion. Highly recommended.

Excessive Force

Aug 18, 2011

top notch horse biography

this is a great biography of an unusual champion race horse, his owner, his trainer and his jockey. It reads like fiction, that's how interesting all their lives are, and how in suspense you are throughout the book, until the glorious end.

Kathryn C

Dec 11, 2010

Now, Zenyatta

The times call greatness according to their needs. Laura Hillenbrand went into the corners of The Great Depression when families come a cropping lost everything and found a hero to match and inform their lives. His safety net for those years, becomes a call to our time with lessons of promise, when we take note. Seabiscuit came from excellent breeding which only showed up in his heart. He should have looked magnificent; he only WAS magnificent. And it took patience, skill, understanding and trust first to notice, then to draw it forth. Three men first found each other before it was possible to find in 'this little horse' the grinding fortitude that brought him greatness, not once, but over and over, finally confronting every test facing him and soundly defeating the odds. These days another massive story of the horse for our times has brought the life of Zinyatta to be compared with Seabiscuit's. Both rugged characters, desperate for one grand chance for glory -- and both lucky enough to be noticed. Character in a horse draws to it the hearts of people desperate to find their own best qualities. It takes a storyteller of discernment lucidly investing everything to bring us such tales. Laura Hillenbrand's Seabiscuit fulfills every demand on history: that it teach for the present and the future from a discovered past not so different than ours, because so human.


Jul 1, 2010

Possibly the best biography ever

I bought this copy of Seabiscuit" to give to a friend, the third time I have done so. So many people say, "Oh, I've seen the movie," as if they have experienced the story. But reading "Seabiscuit" is, for those who appreciate good writing and especially good biography, a truly enriching experience. It is the story of three extraordinary individuals, one of whom happens to be a horse, and of the power of talent, determination, good fortune and destiny to shape the lives of each. The first time I read this book I was on a city bus, 50 pages into it, when I started to cry from the sheer beauty of the writing and the emotions it was evoking. If you buy it, I promise you you will start pressing friends to read it, too.


Oct 20, 2008

Read, Visualize & Enjoy

Awesome book. This book depicts the relationship of a broken down horse and a has been jockey; both fighting to prove that they belong in the world of thoroughbred racing. Together they become a symbol of hope during the great depression and a winning combination. Sit back and enjoy this book for it will take you on a ride.

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