Saving Grace


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Johanna finds herself a widow at 16 and it is suggested she re-marry the Scottish warrior, Gabriel MacBain. She gradually falls in love and it is soon apparent that the gallant laird requites her love completely. But a royal intrigue threatens to destroy the man who means more to her than anything.

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Apr 12, 2008

Joanna & Gabriel

A gal forced to wed by her king goes with her brother to wed his friend a Scott. She does not want to marry at all - her first marriage was horrible,but agrees to meet the friend as her other option at court is as bad as her first husband was. She meets Gabriel and agrees to the marriage (after much hesitation during the ceremony). She feels safe for the first time in years - regardless of the fact the people seem to hate her and the dogs terrify her and the two joined clans under her husband's rule are constantly at each other for dominance. She shows her heart and her spirit when she saves the dog from certain death with her healing abilities. She also shows her skills when she is forced to save a woman from certain death - with her own arrow. Saves this woman that has started a war with her new clan (with neighbors and also the gals father - possibly) due to a lie she told. Still, she protects the woman, rather than force the truth be told. Along the way, she sets to "tame" her clan with manners and her confusing ancetedotes. She appears slow at times with her "inability" to follow simple instruction. All the while, it is her smarts forcing the two clans residing together to come together under her husbands rule. A blast from the past comes back to try to tear her new life apart. Her husband is not dead as thought. And he wants her back - even though she hand the marriage annulled to stall a second marriage. This is when the story is coming to an end and the final confrontations take place. She is finally freed and the story is a good one. I recommend the book and this author.

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