Sarah's Child


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The latest romance from this award-winning author focuses on a woman who finally marries the man she has loved for years and later faces an impossible choice, between the man she loves and the baby she had always longed for.

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Feb 18, 2008

Rome & Sarah

This is a love story - a gal in love with a man since she has known him. He, while interested in the past, falls for her best friend in the past (but never fails to notice her). She whiles away her time during those years in love and avoiding him if she can to save herself (and her best friend) hurt. When unfortunate circumstance free him up again, she still avoids him for a year - still in love and hating herself (this was her best friend's husband afterall). Circumstance bring them together while he is clearing out his former house. She goes through some photos he promised her. While there he has a breakdown (breakthrough?) and they become closer. Closer than either of them wish for or desire. They constantly fight the force, with less than successful results. While their story is unfolding, the back story is told about his prior marriage and how they felt all that time. Unfortunately, their only problem is not a ghost. It is his failings and human qualities that bring the most angst when she becomes pregnant after they marry. He, not wanting children (the reason is a just one - he lost so much) becomes bitter and makes some poor decisions. She, so in love and willing to accept nothing in return ends up hurt over and over again. While one may want to hate Rome for it, you cannot. He truely is fraught with pain and horrible memories that leave him raw. This is their story of coming together, the pain it creates and cures; and the love they must forge if they are to overcome. Read this book - see if/how they overcome and if Sarah and her ability/capacity to love is enough to save them all... This story introduces the dreamy Derek (okay, he is only 15 in this book, but you know he is gonna be one heck of a dream man later on and you want to know his story when it comes out) who has his own short story in Bluebird Winter. Great read!

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