Roanoke: A Novel of the Lost Colony


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"Where did they all go?" Sixteen-year-old orphan William Wythers, is eager to try life in the New World. He and the other settlers face an arduous voyage and difficult months ahead on Roanoke Island, off the coast of Virginia. Yet there is a wonderful freedom in defining the rules for this new world in America. And when William falls in love with a young Native American woman, it seems that life is going to be happy after all. But when John White arrives from England with fresh supplies for the settlement, not a single ...

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Nov 23, 2016

The Lost Colony

Much like the collapse of Mayan civilization around 900 AD, the fate of the Roanoke colony is one of many famous mysteries in history. In the historical novel Roanoke: The Lost Colony we read about one possible and plausible explanation as to what happened with the Lost Colony. Roanoke was first established in 1585 and then re-established in 1587; the book is told from the perspective of William Wythers who is a sixteen-year-old runaway apprentice and colonist at Roanoke. Two themes running through the book are relations with Native Americans and the rivalry with Spain. In sum, The Lost Colony is a good mix of character development, historical fact, historical fiction, and speculation.

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