Ringworld's Children


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The Ringworld is dying. And this time even Louis Wu - captive of the hyper-intelligent alien Tunesmith - may be unable to save it. Even if Louis can escape he will then have to survive in a galaxy ravaged by interstellar war and deadly political intrigue. For the Ringworld is no longer a secret and entire civilisations now battle to control its power. The victorious race that conquers the Ringworld will conquer the galaxy ...and no one will be able to stop them. But Louis Wu is going to try.

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Jun 17, 2010

Louis Wu rides again..

This is the fourth book in the Ringworld Saga.
It has the massive, swashbuckling style of the first two books. Don't let "The Ringworld Throne" put you off.
I get the impression that this was going to be the last Ringworld book, but then the ending was re-engineered to allow for a fifth book.
Good job too..


Jan 20, 2010


I had read ringworld and ringworld engineers many years back and found them both enjoyable. I thought I world finally follow them up with the sequels so I picked "ringworld children" because "throne' had such bad reviews here and they said "children" was a lot better. I have never read such a nothing book before in my life, its just maniacal gibberish, it goes nowhere it has no plot or story at all. I'm finding the same in "footfall". I am really disapointed with them both, my copies of them are going in the dumpster, and I will not be getting anymore from ...................

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