Rendezvous with Rama


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The multi-award-winning SF masterpiece from one of the greatest SF writers of all time Rama is a vast alien spacecraft that enters the Solar System. A perfect cylinder some fifty kilometres long, spinning rapidly, racing through space, Rama is a technological marvel, a mysterious and deeply enigmatic alien artefact. It is Mankind's first visitor from the stars and must be investigated ... Winner of the HUGO AWARD for best novel, 1974 Winner of the NEBULA AWARD for best novel, 1973 Winner of the JOHN W. CAMPBELL AWARD for ...

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Jan 14, 2010

First Contact, Clarke Style

IF you are a Fan of Arthur C Clarke, you will recognize his ability to present a realistic view of the future. The characters have depth.
The story line keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The following three sequels build on what happens in this story line. At the end of this book, the human race is shown as the very small speck in the Universe that it really is.


Nov 19, 2009

One of the best ,...

For fans of science 'fact'ion (had science) this one is hard to beat. In a league with Niven-Pournelle's ringworld. It helped usher in the contemporaries (McDevitt, and others).

Great, fast, fun read.


Oct 5, 2007

First Contact! Clarke does it well.

In 2131 a programme is set up to find asteriods that may cross the Earth's orbit. However, an object is detected that exhibits unusual behaviour as it enters the solar system. A space ship is confirmed: Rama. A crew is sent to discover the mysteries of Earth's first contact before it speeds out of the solar system.

Arthur C. Clarke, rightly (in my opinion) won the Hugo and Nebula Award for this book, which stands the test of time.

A powerful account of a first contact with a star faring race. Within the book, Clarke develops his favourite themes; advanced technology that is indistinguishable from magic, an inability of humans to understand other intelligence. And, recognising that most space exploration is going to be mechanical probes and robots 20 years before it becomes accepted reality.

A powerful story that shows the spirit of exploration, that mankind has demonstrated over the centuries on their own planet, in the local solar system, and the ingenuity needed to survive in new environments.


Apr 4, 2007

awe inspiring account of a new world

As the mystery of Rama unravels it leads the reader to realize that much much more is unknown than that which is reveled so far.

The complex inter workings of the vast Rama suggest a great deal of thought on the part of the author.

The book is well written and easy to read and follow. At the end of the book the reader may suddenly realize that the book has finished without him learning very much at all. A rather gripping tale that leaves the reader begging for more.

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