Religulous ()

directed by Larry Charles
featuring Bill Maher

Show Synopsis

Borat director Larry Charles follows host Bill Maher as he travels the continents interviewing various subjects about God and religion. Jason Buchanan, Rovi


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Christopher C

Oct 20, 2011

absurdly funny / insightful

A skeptical voyage into the world of religious dogma, hilarious without demeaning those who believe. BUT it raises lots of questions particularly for those who believe in the literal Bible.


Jan 28, 2010

truth in disguise

folks!!!! religion not only divides but kills. What did 9/11 teach us? Nothing!! after that horrible day , this country became fanatical and fundamentalist, the same as the attackers.On that day, the Crusades were "born again". Bill points out his religion is not of faith but that of doubt. Doubt IS good and healthy, it promotes reasoning and intelligent decision making in all affairs.What's wrong with using the mind, which is a wonderful thing NOT to be wasted.
let's think for ourselves we don't need a Pastor to tend the "flock of sheep. How disparaging and demeaning!
God to me is The Universal Intelligence which unleashes its love and fury and its name is Nature, nothing more, nothing less! another synonym for the true God is Evolution. the universe is constantly flowing, ever changing , erupting, creating and destroying. doesn't moralize and worry about abortion and homosexuality. it just IS!
Summary: do unto others... you know the rest and save 10% buy yourself something that makes you happy, give it to the needy not to Joel Osteen and fat boy Rick Warren.They have enough Rolexes and Rolls Royces.

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