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John Wayne -- showing off a darker side to his screen persona than we'd previously seen -- portrays Thomas Dunson, a frontiersman who, with his longtime partner Nadine Groot (Walter Brennan), abandons a westbound wagon train in 1851 to make his future as a rancher in Texas. Doing so forces him to abandon Fen (Colleen Gray), his fiancee -- and when she is killed in an Indian raid a short time later, it taints any good that Dunson might find in the future he carves out for himself, destroying any joy he might derive from life ...


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Apr 27, 2013

The Movie Red River

A National Classic. Have viewed many times, never owned it. Now I have added it to my movie
collection, although it is a VHS edition. If you like classic Westerns, the Duke and the rest of the cast members, and a great story line, you must own this movie. Available, if I recall from Alibris in both VHS and DVD versions. B&W with brilliant and sharp scene contrasts of the best possible western scenery. Alibris has the best prices, and most dependable dealers.


Jan 20, 2011

Saw this years ago and liked it. When it was available to purchase did so. Tape was in good condition and arrived on time.

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