Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream


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With passionate storytelling and convincing biblical analysis, a pastor and motivator calls Christ's followers to become radical: live the gospel in ways that are true, filled with promise, and ultimately world changing.

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Sep 24, 2018

Just pass

You can read the (much) fuller review on SpoiledMilks (8/1/13)

The Chocolate Milk
Platt actually doesn't tell you the reader to downsize their house, their car, their income, go move to the inner city, etc. He gives examples of some in his church and others who he knows who have done so to remove themselves from the "American dream" and to spread the gospel to those they wouldn't normally reach. Platt helpfully points the reader away from the American dream and directs them to send help (financial/physical) to the lost in America and in the world.

Salvation means there should be a life-style change (pp. 38-39). Making money isn't wrong, but there's more to life than spending it all on our wants and desires, but there are others who really need it (2 Cor 8:9). It's not a "Social Gospel" of merely meeting all physical needs, but showing love by sacrifice.

Platt doesn't tell us to put legalistic pressures on ourselves or others. We should ask ourselves and pray about how much we should keep and how much we should give. Be neither the slacker nor the hoarder.

The Spoiled Milk
My biggest peeve with the book is one theme implied throughout the whole book:dichotomy. Platt makes a distinction between Christians who live "radically" and those who don't. What's an ordinary Christian to do? What is a busy, single parent to do? There are things they can do, but nothing as 'radical' as what Platt suggests? What do you do? You live. Acts 17:28a: "for in Him we live and move and have our being" (see 1 Cor 10.31).

He seems to assume his audience is wholly made up of money-hungry, American Christians who don't like to share their money (even if that's very true).

What is really radical? Loving your spouse. Raising your kids to love God and being the godly example for them. Representing God well to the world. Read your Bible, study your Bible, and pray. Love the world.?+

Also, this book was boring.?



Feb 26, 2014

Radical is Kinda Bland

Radical by David Platt fits nicely into the milieu of missional emerging breakout primitivist church dogma, but really, it's kinda bland. There's nothing particularly radical about his proposals. This is another book written by a megachurch institution that wishes it reached people who oppose church the institution.

There still doing church like it's 1985, telling you it's like it was in 85, and that by 2015, everyone will be doing it this way again.

Short term outreach can be very good, but 80% of the time it is very bad. And so as a hallmark of his churches missional expression, I have to protest.

It's easy to write a book and say "the problem with the church is sin." But then you're completely overshadowing your own woundedness and deficiency.

One thing he does point out and is at the same time guilty of is doing church in the culture of professionalism, and the Babbit-styled production line is really what most churches tout themselves as, and all they do is play into the military industrial complex.

The best chapter deals with the gospel being for the lost and the lost's american inoculation to the gospel of the common church. True. I wonder what the missional walk looks like in a mega church in the deep south. It doesn't look like this book where I am from.

This is a fantastic book on the theory, and as most missiologists are guilty of, it does a superb job of identifying cultural markers, and then blows by them in pursuit of a monochromatic gospel. The real test of a radical gospel is stopping business as usual. What Mr. Platt seems to say is that there aren't really churches in America, there are only corporations in the field of religion. What he fails to realize is this applies just as much to his church as anyone else.

barbara p

Jul 11, 2013


great book...good price and like new would use seller again

Gerhart R

May 3, 2012

We have lost so much of our faith,

We have lost so much of our faith, this book invites us to return to the Faith Once Delivered. It's time for the Church to wake up and get back to what Christ commanded us to do.


May 12, 2011

Core of the Gospel

David Platt writes from the perspective of the Great Commission and how the American Dream has limited and crippled Christians today. Hopefully, a life changing message for you. It was for me.

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