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A chimp helps bring together a boy and his father -- as well as putting America in the lead of the space race -- in this drama, which was inspired by the true story of the Mercury-Redstone 2 mission in 1961. Dr. Wilhelm von Huber (James Woods) is a German expatriate scientist living in the United States in the early '60s who has been hired by the fledging National Aeronautics and Space Administration to help America launch its newly formed space program. Von Huber is recently widowed, and his son, Wilhelm II (Alex D. Linz) ...

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Mark D

Jun 17, 2018

The Race to Space

Great movie

This is based on a true story about are secret astronaut program against Russia at a time when America was a proud & arragant country and we were compeating against the russians to see which of us would be the first to launch a man in outer space.

This movie is about America training chimps in the NASA Space Program,
It stars James Woods in the title role Of Whilem Van Huber the father of the german Rocket program & JFK's dream, & obsession with us in space by 1969 -1970.

He Woods neglicts his child because of his work with NASA Space Program & a cute sweet woman gives his son a job as an official NASA Space Program trainer of chimps to train them to test out are rockets and see if it would be safe for a man and can the trained chimp survive the trip to outer space & it did. And the space program went on to be a huge success.

The lady has a PHD from Harvard but, she can not control or make the chimps behave at all. Enter Van Huber's son into the picture. He reaches the animals be friends them & puts them at ease so that they can go through the extensive training program . Movie also stars Annabeth Gish as the sexy, brainy brunettewoman doctor in charge of the training program. I give it 8 stars & a thumb's up for GO!

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