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Vol. 10 of this reliable, economical compilation from Epitaph Records features a mixture of album tracks and previously unreleased material, as well as a bonus DVD. Motion City Soundtrack kicks things off with "When 'You're' Around," one of the best songs off their 2005 LP Commit This to Memory. "Shoot Me in the Smile" is a one-off from the Matches, one of Epitaph's more promising young groups; the cut's jerking rhythms, falsetto turns, and spastic guitars keep you guessing longer than, say, the pristine emo of Matchbook ...

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  1. When "You're" Around
  2. Lovers & Liars
  3. Shoot Me in the Smile
  4. Failure by Designer Jeans
  5. Sun vs. Moon
  6. News from the Front
  7. Mixin' Up Adjectives
  8. Shadowland
  9. From the Tops of Trees
  10. I Need Drugs
  11. Mince Meat
  12. Mission from God
  13. Black Cloud
  14. Last Goodbyes
  15. Anchors Aweigh
  16. Farewell My Hell
  17. The Warrior's Code
  18. Dead Weight Falls
  19. White Knuckle Ride
  20. Falling Down
  21. No Fun in Fundamentalism
  22. Bloodstain
  23. Not the Way
  24. Ghostfire
  25. Riot, Riot, Riot
  26. Laugh/Love/F***
  27. Ride the Wings of Pestilence
  28. My Eyes Burn
  29. Ray
  30. Skeleton Jar
  31. Eagles Become Vultures
  32. Tu Puta Mi Casa
  33. Rose of the Devil's Garden
  34. Chain Me Free
  35. Los Angeles Is Burning
  36. Ride the Fence
  37. Caesura
  38. The Reasons
  39. 10 AM Automatic
  40. National Disgrace
  41. Miss Take
  42. Tessie
  43. Anchors Aweigh
  44. Insects Destroy
  45. Riot Riot Riot
  46. Glass
  47. NFA
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