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Adam Sandler and Emily Watson star in Punch-Drunk Love, an odd romantic comedy from gifted young director Paul Thomas Anderson. Sandler plays Barry Egan, a shy sad-sack with a great deal of repressed anger that occasionally bursts forth in sudden violent outrages, who falls in love with Lena Leonard (Emily Watson), a co-worker of one of Barry's seven sisters. After calling a phone-sex line, Barry is extorted by bad-guy Dean Trumbell (Anderson regular Philip Seymour Hoffman), who eventually sends four goons to assault Barry ...

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Jun 23, 2009

A great movie! Adam Sandler does a great job playing characters with temper problems and this movie wasn't an exception. I couldn't imagine any other actor playing his role and making it look that good. This movie received GREAT critic's reviews but it's box office income didn't even make the amount they spent on the budget, which is pretty puzzling. I'm a huge Adam Sandler fan, so I suppose I am a little biased, but this movie was amazing and it was a great story regardless of the actors. I loved the execution of the film too. I loved the camera shots and especially the music- I LOVED the music! Gave it a very thoughtful, almost indie feel. The director did a great job.

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